Sell A Dream The MLM Way

You have several marketing schemes in the market. Each of these vouchers to make you rich in a few days and with an investment of only a small amount of money. One such is the MLM scheme or the multi-level marketing.

It is said that through this scheme dreams are sold rather than products or services. Dreams are seen by people and then they struggle hard to realize them. But what is this unusual scheme that sells dreams? Actually, it is this concept that draws people to this scheme. It is not much different from the pyramid scheme. But you can say that it is an improvement on the pyramid scheme.

What is this MLM QNET scheme in reality then?

The strategy deployed is two-fold. One is that the participants have to sell products and also recruit people. When you join this scheme you do so by buying a product the MLM company sells. Usually, the product cost may be a little higher than the cost of the same product in the market. The total money invested includes the cost of the product and also joining fee.

Now the company has sold a product to you. This is a direct sale. The company makes a profit out of it no doubt. Now comes the second phase. You have become a member of the scheme by paying for the product plus joining fee.

Now it is your turn to bring in customers who will buy products from the company through you. You may be required to bring at least three such recruits and sell products to them. The profit from the sale of the product is then distributed by the initial recruiter or the owner and you. This has come by way of payment from the three new recruits. These, in turn, need to recruit three people each in the similar manner that you recruited them. This chain grows and makes two-way profits, one from the sale of the products and the second from recruitment of new members. Along with the products you are sold a dream to become rich. Of course, the one who started this scheme will surely make a lot of profit when the chain grows long. So his or her dream has realized and has been successful in making other people see dreams of becoming successful and rich.